Monday, June 4, 2012

throwing around the ball

There are days that throwing around the ball and playing house can become boring, and downright mundane. I know Amber feels this way to as she tosses me the ball and doesn't even care if I catch or not. It's downright dog gone depression and it hits every season. Amber and I become depressed at the same time. She digs her way back under the covers, and has a hard time getting out of bed, and I stand by the door gaurding her against the other puppies (chanel and kai) and Athena and Breaker. More on those guys later. I know that medications for depression are taken by her, and some think that taking pills are not good for the psychie-that if you pray more, or do more-the blues will go away. In her case, they don't. The question is why not? Greg told her she was happier now than she had ever been. Is happiness seasonal? Or is it something you only get in spurts and when it happens you just wag your tail hard, and hang on to it until it passes..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The friendly club

No one nis expects me to post here, which makes it a safer place than it even was before. I've been shaved, and had my anal glands cleaned, and I still feel the years on me. I'm curled up with my owner Amber, and we both wake with arthritis aches, which makes me a very sad dog. I feel sometimes that this isn't my youthful body. Amber is now married to Brian, and for a trendsetter like herself, she did something out of fashion. Marriage. It's not exactly the hipster thing to do, but one day she just woke up. She looked at me as I chewed a bone, and told me all her fears of marriage. It just felt right for us.

There seems to be a lot of love around here. Amber went on a trip to Utah and came home with a new sister for me. She is a pomeranian, cuddly, and awfully cute. I hate her. I can stare at her all day long with my glare, and she just smiles and sits on Ambers lap. I feel jealous, so I've become more moody, but the main attention is always still mine.

I watched Joan Rivers today while Amber was off facebooking again, and without makeup I didn't see any beauty. I saw fear. I saw raw fear. I saw a woman afraid of who she is. In Hollywood it's so hard to fit in. It's a town where every age is just a year older, but not something to celebrate.

I'm going to bark at Breaker, our miniture pin, and tell him to saddle Amber up and take her on a walk. She feels the weight of some slight depression which she suffers sometimes. Friends haven't been around as much because of isolation. Well I just read a very interesting thing, of course I can read or how else could I write!!!! Dogs read all sorts of things, like signs telling people to Beware of Us and On Leash and Off Leash signs and....well you get the picture. Anyway in this weeks People magazine, the one with Justin Bieber on the cover (I know I can't explain that either), there was something interesting that caught my eye.

In an article about Carol Burnett, apart from noticing that she married a man 20 years younger than her at 60, hey talked about "the friendly club" which was started by her and Charles Grodin and was about being friendly to people, smiling, letting them know you know they exist. John said 'It's a great idea; i'm starting to do it now.'I know Erin, Carol Burnetts daughter- and she even talks highly of her mother's kindness.

When I go on walks, I like the attention people give me when they compliment my walks. It's my favorite part of the day. Maybe dog's, and Carol Burnett's friendly club should be done by everyone. Imagine a world of kindness, love and acceptance-- without the nastiness.