Sunday, February 22, 2009

Faith and acceptance

Charlie the dog blog. Sometimes when life is throwing big events your way it's hard to handle the catch. There is the old saying that "when it rains it pours" and for our life right now we are trying to handle each event as it comes with love and grace. Sometimes at night I crawl under the covers and growl at it all, but I am powerless over the events so what can I really do about them? I just have to have acceptance. I like to control everything in our home. When people visit I bark. When they leave, I nip at their feet. When someone walks by I try to stand proud like a doberman and let them know I'm on gaurd. the end of the day, I have no real power as life is life, and things and people and events happen. I just take them one day at a time, and stay out of negative actions. We are blessed to have loved the ones we love. We are blessed to have the experience and friendships that help us stay on course. We are blessed to know that God has a plan for us, and we are blessed to have the ability to practice faith. Wuff Wuff

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Charlie the dog blog: Life isn't always easy, sometimes there are tough times, and emotional challenges. Those happen the most when there is fear, sadness, and loss. We are back from Utah where Ambers mama lays in the hospital, unable to get her health back. Being powerless over her health is the hardest part. Letting go of those we love is tough. It really pulls at the heart. So many lovely memories were talked about in the hospital room. Things like how when Amber was young she said: Peanut butter and jewolly samenerch please, and how she baptised her sisters holding them under the pool water, and the cats, and how she was held so much as a baby she didn't even sit up on her own until she was 7 months old. The memories of her mama, her sisters, her brother, her life. Mamas life. It was all reminded and it was cherished. All the faith Amber had as a child is being tested right now as she prays with all her might that her mama will be released of all the pain that goes with cancer in the end. Wuff Wuff

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A full litter

Charlie the dog blog

We have spent a week in the hospital with Ambers mother. So many emotions are running at high speeds, but sitting down to write them out seems impossible. This is life on life's terms, and I want to have all the power and take the sickness away from ambers mom, but it is in God's hands. All of her siblings, and other family came to Utah to see her mom--they came from all over. Lee from Oklahoma, Lisa from Oregan, Celeste from Hawaii, Nancy, Jessica, Matt and Aimee came from different parts of Utah. It was a reunion both sad and happy. We teased Ambers mother for being a diva, and only this could bring her kids together. Thank you for all the prayers and posts from friends around. We are traveling back to Los Angeles tomorrow, and Amber is raw, and almost afraid to breath, but is keeping her heart full of prayer. I was born into a large litter like Amber was, but her closeness with her family is something she has gratitude for.

Amber booked a film, and the culture shock of hospital vs hollywood set is going to really remind her of the value of what life is about, and we are glad we showed up for it. Life is a journey and it has to end for all of us. It is sad when someone leaves us, and goes to unknown placs. Being left behind is not something that anyone wants to feel, but feeling life and playing full out is a wonderful experience we all have the opportunity to have.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Amber's mama

Charlie the dog blog

There have been many memories of childhood flooding the home lately. Amber's mama was hospitalized and because of her condition and age, it put in a bit of panic, fear, and extreme love. She is doing okay this morning, but we are still waiting on test results. Her aged body is ailing, and it's in Gods hands right now. Amber remembered all the hugs, all the scoldings, all the love, and misunderstandings, and ignorance, and intelligence, and right and wrong she experienced with her mama. Her strongest memory is of laying her head on her breast in a church meeting, nestling in her breasts of perfume and body. It was a distinct moment where she was a mama in every sense of the word, and that smell, the soft pillows attached to her body, will forever be marked in Ambers heart. Did Amber do everything right as a daughter? Perhaps not. Perhaps life is just that, life-non perfected and scarred. All the prayers in the world are sent to a hospital room in Provo Utah, and we hope with all that we are, that she is feeling okay, and loved. My paws are praying..and my tail is reverent as we wait on results.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ski Joring

Charlie the dog blog

This has been a full week. Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, but my paws were tired. It was the last shoot for Amber on Wreckreation Nation, and we flew to New London to shoot the East Coast Ski Joring event. Although I was fine with my fur and my sweater, Amber froze herself solid wearing just a fluffy winter coat. She borrowed a coat from someone who had mercy on her shivers while she was there. The airline flight was long, and we curled up like we were young, sprawling across the airline seat, tucking our heads beneath our blanket. Amber wondered if she was too old to curl up like that, but the body took over and she was fast asleep as we crossed the United States, way up high in the sky. Once there, we tumbled out of the plane with our film crew of men. Amber wrapped herself quickly with a pink scarf, as if to remind the guys she was a girl, and to not ask her to pump gas, or carry their luggage. It's easy on the field to forget the sexes, as we all have to work together for the purpose of production.

The drive from Boston to New London was a few hours, and we had two passenger vans full of film equipment, hungry men, and the snow around us was sensational. Along the way we stopped at a little restuarant that served the best Chinese food Amber has ever had. It was a random find, out in the middle of somewhere, with nothing around for miles. Once at the Lamplighter motel, we unloaded the equipment into our rooms, and each crewmember went to their own private space. I ran around the room, wagging my tail, but Amber fell in the bed-and stared at the doily covered windows and her wooden paneled television wondering how she ended up there--producing a television show, in the middle of somewhere. It's fascinating how this all came about--googling events, planning them, filmming them, and watching them--tuesday nights, on Discovery channel. Before even closing our eyes the alarm was off and we were scrambling to bundle up and go film the first day of ski-joring. It was exciting being around horses, watching them prance through the snow like they do in one of her favorite films "The Man from Snowy River." It was true beauty, and seeing things like Chickens wandering around in the snow cocking their heads with curiousity, reminded Amber of the whole world outside of Hollywood. THe real people, doing real things, living a regular life. She was jealous for a moment, but only a moment. She couldn't imagine life without her Hollywood, but real people fascinate her. The event was good, and filmming went well. I would love to tell the rest of the story, but Discovery channel has to have it's secrets or no one will watch to see what happens next.

Once alone in our room again, Amber turned on her IPOD and danced. Dancing reminds her of God, and when she dances, she feels prayer. Life is such a journey, and we all do our own things for whatever reasons we may have. The horses in the snow reminded us of GOd, of Life, of our journey towards great things. Life is full of cliffs we must jump over, but at the end of the stumbles we earn wings through experience.